HC Picks 239

October 30, 2019
by Akane Hashimoto


-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-


Governance / Stewardship / Fiduciary

・Japan’s new investment rules risk scaring off foreign investors

 “Looks like it is better to get those companies unlisted or create a separate index.”

・Why global fund managers are missing on trick on Japan

 “May be because most listed companies are in special situations…”

・SoftBank to Boost Stake in WeWork in Deal That Cuts Most Ties With Neumann

 “What if We Company had a better board?”




・SoftBank could have just walked away from WeWork and its $9 billion investment. Business experts explain why it didn’t.

 “Quite a thorough analysis focusing on Softbank dilemma.”

・BOJ warns of rising financial vulnerability as banks hunt for yields

 “Not exactly sure what BOJ is worried about.”




・10 hotels that capture the spirit of Japan, from city skyscrapers to rural ryokans

 “You may like these.”

・Deeper than tradition: Japan’s enthronement illustrates an evolving imperial house

 “A quick summary of Japan’s enthronement.”