HC Picks 247

December 25, 2019
by Investment and Research Team


-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-


Governance / Stewardship / Fiduciary

・Publication of the draft of the “Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors”«Japan’s Stewardship Code»- To promote sustainable growth of companies through investment and dialogue – (Draft)

 “Japan FSA has been trying to  promote sustainable growth of companies via investment and dialogue.”

・Inspection Manuals were repealed (December 18, 2019)





・Japan’s inflation up 0.5% in November, as tax boosts cost of dining out

・Japan’s Economy Faces Another Rocky Year




Policy (BOJ)

・Bank of Japan keeps policy steady after Abe announces fiscal package





・A Gambling Prize Worth $20 Billion Is Losing Its Luster in Japan





・GPIF and CEB launch initiative to promote Social Bonds





・China, Japan and South Korea ministers vow to accelerate free trade