HC Picks 259

March 25, 2020
by Akane Hashimoto


-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-



・Japan sake makers to adopt blockchain to fight Asian counterfeits

 “Interesting development”

・Tokyo 2020 Olympic flame arrives in Japan

 “Now waiting for final IOC decision.”

・Announcement Regarding Results of Tender Offer for Shares of UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited (Securities Code: 3258)

 “Kind of glad to see this TOB discussion took longer than expected and parties got aware of COVID-19 outbreak.”

・China to become key gasoline supplier to Japan as term contract starts

・UPDATE 1-Japan’s Unizo says Elliott, Ichigo agreed to tender shares





・Will the Olympics Go On? Japan’s Businesses Would Like to Know

 “At least today, no one should be willing to fly long distances, including media.”




Policy (BOJ)

・Central banks take further steps to boost U.S. dollar liquidity





・Japan Banks Tap Fed’s Beefed-Up Swap Lines for $32 Billion