HC Picks 303

March 10, 2021
by Akane Hashimoto

Period : February 19, 2021 – March 2, 2021

Category :[Economy] [Policy (BOJ)] [Business]

-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● Japan’s capex extends declines as firms tighten purse strings

 > “We might need further evidence on COVID direction and new life style.”


● A $9 Billion Mizuho Fund Sparks Review of ESG Labels in Japan

 > “Investors need protection from commercialism…”

#Policy (BOJ)

● Sony: JAPAN Studio to be “re-centered” to Team ASOBI to focus on a “single vision” and to build future Astro games

 > “ASOBI stands for playstation or playroom.”


● Breakingviews – Unizo mess could make Japan M&A less hospitable

● Distressed Japan Hotel Chain Unizo Sparks Hedge Fund Battle

 > “Lone Star might not had breached any rules or law, but it questions about the managers fiduciary duty. Shocking. They may be kicked out from Japan.”


● Canon Inc. — Moody’s downgrades Canon Inc. to Baa1; outlook changed to stable from negative