HC Picks 337

December 29, 2021
by Akane Hashimoto

Period : December 16, 2021 – December 27, 2021

Category : [Business] [Market] [Economy] [Other]

Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● Credit Suisse launches legal action against SoftBank

 > “Well, any business can fail, and CS responsibility includes investment decision.”

● SBI to talk with government to repay public funds

 > “Next step shall be clear in February.”


● Japanese Equities: How They Fit Into Asia’s Wider Growth Story

 > “This is more like a Comgest ad, but a good story.”


● Japan household assets hit record as savings, stock prices rise

● Inflation a worry for most economies, but not Japan

 > “Consumption is not the only parameter for a happy life.”

● Japan’s agricultural exports exceed 1 tril. yen for 1st time


● ‘I go too far, too deep’: the Swiss wanderer who found the soul of 1950s Japan

 > “Japan in 1951…”