HC Picks 376

April 12, 2023
by Investment and Research Team

Period : March 31, 2023 – April 10, 2023

Category :[Policy (BOJ)] [Market] [Business] [Other]

-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● Ueda becomes 1st BOJ governor from academia in postwar Japan

 > “There is a high expectation to his logical approach.”

● Japan regional banks can weather foreign bond losses – regulatory official

 > “Japanese banks are well monitored by JFSA who prioritize banking system stability.”

#Policy (BOJ)

● Japan Inc. Sells Record Short Bonds Amid BOJ Tightening Bets

 > “Japan needs a deeper bond market in order to activate retail investments.”


● Narita airport to build 3rd runway and consolidate 3 terminals

 > “Could be good news for visitors.”

● Japan to increase chip-gear spending by 82%, higher than any nation

 > “This is one way to diversify supply chain of semiconductor.”


● How to use Visit Japan Web

 > “Please use this web when visiting Japan. Let us know how this is useful.”