HC Picks 209

March 20, 2019
by Akane Hashimoto


-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-


Policy (BOJ)

・These Risky U.S. Loans Are Adored by Japanese Investors

 “It is very important to select actively managed portfolios. “

・Japanese Financial Services Agency issues guidance on capital requirements for securitisation investors

 “JFSA is encouraging institutional investors to set clear selection process and risk management policies. “

・Japanese Risk Retention: JFSA Favors Diligence Over Disruption

・Japan and U.S. join rest of the world in grounding Boeing 737 Max jets as crash data raise concerns

 “Hopefully technical issues be clarified soon.”

・Japan to Tackle Global Financial Regulation Disharmony at G-20




・Hundreds of Firms May Be Demoted in Tokyo Exchange Shakeup

 “It should be a social responsibility to maintain a qualified pool of companies.”

・Not just a Japanese disease: Mizuho’s woes afflict the world

 “Warning to all banks running business in a flat yield curve environment.”

・SoftBank, Other Investors in Talks to Invest $1 Billion in Uber’s Self-Driving Unit




・Recent price rises fail to boost Japan inflation

 “Japan is matured enough that price increase would only result in less consumption…”



Governance/ Stewardship/ Fiduciary

・Nissan faces governance row over board chairmanship