Today’s Pick 37

October 7, 2015
by Investment in Japan

Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities


Japan’s Rail Project Loss To China: Why It Matters For Abe’s Economic Diplomacy And For China’s

“Well summarized article on the situation.”



Japan Prime Minister Abe Aims for 20% Nominal GDP Growth to ?600 Trillion

Japan PM Abe airs Abenomics 2.0 plan for $5 trillion economy, outlines help for families

“US news article raises the following point “With wages still barely rising, families have tended to save, and increases in demand from monetary stimulus have been weaker than expected.”; whereas WSJ “Loosening the nation’s rigid labor laws and allowing more immigration are seen as effective ways to promote growth”.”



Toward a Multi-Stakeholder Model of Corporate Governance

VW’s uniquely awful governance at fault in emission scandal

“This article refers to Japan business culture, VW article refers to corporate culture…?”