Today’s Pick 61

March 30, 2016
by Investment in Japan

Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities


Japan Looks to Kickstart ‘Fintech’ Revolution

“Could be the third arrow.”



Japan’s negative rate bounty sparks calls for fresh spending

Japan’s negative rates a looming headache for central bank

“How long would investor support to buy a negative interest rate bond?”



Japan’s GPIF appoints new president

“Will the first President who is not a former BOJ official succeed in navigating the largest pension fund in the world?”


Japan’s pension fund names Hiroshi Komori as head of new group

“Acceptance of Japan’s Stewardship Code and being a signatory of UN-PRI should be very important for these large passive investors.”



Negative rates and Japan’s pension crunch

“Negative rates is causing another blow to Japanese pensions’ funding”



Rooftop solar booms in Japan as market moves beyond rich nations

“As Feed-in-Tariff for solar power in Japan becomes much less lucrative than previously, rooftop solar may be the next big thing.”