Japan Only Real Estate/Real Asset

Strategy map
January 31, 2024
by Japan Only Real Estate/Real Asset


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Multi-sector Sector Focus
Sale Leaseback Jinushi AM  
Core Black Stone Sankei Buillding AM Mitsui & Co Realty Management ESR REIT Management
CBRE Investment Management Japan Japan Excellent AM Mitsubishi HC Capital Investment Advisors FJ Asset Management
DBJ AM Japan Real Estate AM Mitsubisi UFJ Real Estate Investment Adovisors GLP Capital Partners
EQT SPARX Asset Trust & Management Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors SG AssetMax
FPG Diamond Realty Management  Kashima Real Estate Investment Adovisors APA Investment Management
JR East Real Estate Investment Adovisors Touchstone Capital Management Sumisho Realty Management Goodman Japans  
JR Kyushu AM Takara PAG Reall Estate Investment Adovisors Mori Building Real Estate Investment Advisors Senko AM
JR West Real Estate Investment Adovisors Tosei Asset Adviors Hoshino Resort AM Prologis REIT Management
KJR Management Nissay Realty Management Shimizu Real Estate Investment Adovisors Healthcare AM
NTT Urban Development AM Hulic Private REIT Management Nishimatsu AM Mitsui Real Estate Logistics REIT  
PGIM Real Estate Hirogin REIT Management Sekisui House AM Mitsui & Co Logistics Partners
SBI Private REIT Adovisors Fintech Global Osaka Gas Urban velopment AM Japan Hotel REIT Adovisors
SMBC REIT Management Hoosiers REIT Adovisors Taisei Real Estate Investment Adovisors
SRE AM Marimo AM Daiwa House AM
APL Mizuho REIT Management Daiwa House Investment Advisors
Agility Asset Adovisors LaSalle Investment Advisors Daiwa Real Estate AM
Ichigo Investment Advisors Real Link International Investment Adovisors Daiichi Life Realty AM
Invesco Grobal Real Estate RIO AM Chuo Nittochi AM
Openhouse Real Estate Investment Advisors Yasuda Real Estate AM Haseko Real Estate Investment Advisors
ORIX AM Itochu REIT Management Tokyu Real Estate Capital Management
Capitaland Japan  Oobayashi Reality Management Tokyo Gas Real Estate Investment Advisors
Good Com Asset Investment Advisors Kanden Real Estate Investment Advisors Tokio Marine AM
Global Alliance Realty Marubeni AM Tokyo Tatemono Investment Advisor
Kenedix Investment Advisors Keihan AM Tosho AM
Goldman Sachs Kowa Real Estate Investment Advisors Tosei Asset Adviors
Consonant Investment Management Hankyu Hanshin REIT AM Nankai REIT Management
Zymax  Investment Adovisors Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Nisshinn Real Estate Investment Advisors
Samurai Capital Mitsui Real Estate Investment Advisors Nomura Real Estate Investment Advisors
Samty AM Mitsui & Co – IDERA Partners
Value-add A.P.AM Fortress
PAGSecured Capital Japan) Bentall Green Oak
IDERA Capital Management RISA Partners
Genkai Capital Management
Opportunities from
real estate trading
Star Asia Investment Advisors
The list included both regular members or associate member of ARES (Association for Real Estate Securitization) that focus on private real estate funds or private real estate REITs, and major real estate companies who are not a member of ARES. In addition, funds that HC Asset Management has invested and peers are also included.