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Tokyo sees another record early start to cherry blossom season
"Early spring days. Those planning for a visit, please pay attention to hay fever."
Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo shot
"Although not a target for this site, I would like to share NHK news on what happened. We now know that he shouldn't had been a target."
Japan’s Geisha Turn To TV Gigs, Curry Ads to Revive a Declining Art
"Have a break! Might be interested in traditional Japanese hospitality culture."
Here are 8 award-winning travel experiences in Japan
"Have a break!"
Japan marks 11th anniversary of quake disaster, Fukushima crisis
"We need to hand this quake disaster, Fukushima crisis, down to the next generation. 11 years ago, HC were helped by Business partners, who sent us necessary items. We believe relationship with trusted partners are the most important thing."
Top 10 Japanese news stories of 2021
"To summarize. Sports look to be an important activity for all nations."
‘I go too far, too deep’: the Swiss wanderer who found the soul of 1950s Japan
"Japan in 1951…"
JR Kyushu launches luxury electric train in southern Japan
"A very private, distanced, luxurious environment. People should feel safe about traveling."
The seasons and spirit of Japan
"This photo had probably been taken in March or April. It is a beautiful place."
Locals in Japan Capture the Country's Most Beautiful Attractions Without the Crowds - See the Photos
Japan’s Kyoto cherry blossoms peak on earliest date in 1,200 years, a sign of climate change
"Reminding of potential climate change with cherry blossoms is unique, but can be true. A watch."