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Japan's bank lending rise at slowest pace in 8 years as COVID-19 hit subsides
"Japanese people tend to save money as they are all worried about living longer than expected. Might need slight inflation to shift some of the deposits to investment. "
Japan exports jump most in 41 years, machine orders rise
"This tells how COVID impact was great in 2020."
Japan’s exports set for biggest monthly gain since 1980: Reuters poll
"Change is important, and stability is more important."
Japan manufacturers' mood rises to highest since late 2018 - Reuters Tankan
"Those are short term indications. What matters are the longer term sentiments."
Japan's retail sales rise at fastest pace in five months
As Japan Slid Into Recession, These Research Firms Stepped Up
"Everybody is trying to estimate post COVID new normal."
Japan's capex extends declines as firms tighten purse strings
"We might need further evidence on COVID direction and new life style."
Japan and US savings surge, with vaccines set to trigger spending
"Younger workers' telecom and IT spending should be surging. Key drivers may be elder retired people who were not able to travel or to meet with grandchildren."
Japan's Pre-Emergency Growth Could Point to Resilience: Eco Week
Japan bank deposits rise at record pace as firms, households hoard cash
"Japanese wouldn't spend when they are worried about the future. How could the government encourage them to spend?"