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84% of firms in Japan see economic growth in 2022
"Recovery from pandemic may be one of the reasons, but transformation to new life style and environmental friendly world should require a lot of investments."
Japan household assets hit record as savings, stock prices rise
Inflation a worry for most economies, but not Japan
"Consumption is not the only parameter for a happy life."
Japan's agricultural exports exceed 1 tril. yen for 1st time
What the world can learn from Japan
"Quick changes may turn to a danger in an ageing society. Sustainability is now more important than growth. Slow shift might not be too bad."
Japan’s economy is stronger than many realise
"'Maybe Western economists who were so critical of Japan circa 2000, myself included, should go to Tokyo and apologise to the emperor,' Paul Krugman, an economist, tweeted in 2020. 'Not that they did great; but we did much worse.'"
Japan govt considering lifting FY2022 economic growth forecast -NHK
"Japan is a matured society. Stable growth path is most important."
An interview with Tokyo International Law Office discussing M&A in Japan
"Number of M&A deals are increasing, and more to come."
Supply chain crisis: Japan's export growth slows as car production slides
"Normalization of supply chain is still in progress."
Japan's economy shrinks more than expected as supply shortages hit
"Domestic consumption should be related to environment friendly infrastructure developments."
Profits return or grow in 26 of Japan's 33 sectors