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Japan economy grows 2.2% in 2Q on revived consumer spending
"Shall see how to cope with rising import price going forward."
42% of major firms see Japan economy slowing down on rising prices
Shanghai Lockdowns Slam Japanese Automakers’ Production in China
"Two years have passed since the pandemic and the world is shifting to live without mask. There are still significant impacts by COVID. "
Japan’s Inflation Tops 2%, Complicating BOJ Stimulus Message
"A lot of prices are rising at the moment. This would continue over the next year."
BOJ's Kuroda warns recent yen moves 'quite sharp', may hurt businesses
"Japan is now facing the trilemma of international finance."
Japan tops up LNG reserves as possible Russian gas cutoff looms -source
"For a country like Japan, energy import is critical for industries."
Japan's wholesale prices rise at record pace; Ukraine to spur prices further
"We need to pay attention to price index not only that of the US, but also that of Japan."
Japan likely to avert stagflation, says senior central banker
"In Japan, price tend to stay while quantity may decrease."
Japan Jan real wages post first monthly rise in 5 months
"It looks like a good sign for Japanese economy."
Japan's inflation hovers around 2-year high, BOJ flags price pressure
"Let's see what can happen."