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As Japan Slid Into Recession, These Research Firms Stepped Up
"Everybody is trying to estimate post COVID new normal."
Japan's capex extends declines as firms tighten purse strings
"We might need further evidence on COVID direction and new life style."
Japan and US savings surge, with vaccines set to trigger spending
"Younger workers' telecom and IT spending should be surging. Key drivers may be elder retired people who were not able to travel or to meet with grandchildren."
Japan's Pre-Emergency Growth Could Point to Resilience: Eco Week
Japan bank deposits rise at record pace as firms, households hoard cash
"Japanese wouldn't spend when they are worried about the future. How could the government encourage them to spend?"
Tokyo plays its own role as Asian cities vie for financial hubs
"This is a very reasonable and realistic opinion."
Japan's 2020 Spaghetti Imports Hit Record amid Virus Crisis
”A bit of a surprise. It takes longer to cook compared to other noodles including ramen and udon.”
Why are luxury watches, paintings enjoying healthy sales amid pandemic in Japan?
”Is there a trend between goods and services? Interesting.”
Japan Inc shakes off initial COVID-19 gloom but resurgence hits capex, hiring - BOJ survey
"May not be time to expect sharp recovery, but predictable slow cash flows growth shall help sustain economy."
Japan’s household spending rebounds from initial Covid hit