HC Picks Category: 02 Economy

Japanese firms change job structures to compete globally
"Well, I still believe training young people is the most important thing."
Once a Miser, Japan Inc. Is Opening Its Wallet to Buy Back Shares
"Good thind is that managements are getting aware of better balance sheet structure."
Japan’s Banks Pinched by Zero-Yield Experiment
"No yield environment and capitalism cannot exist together for too long…"
90% foreigners want better public support to adjust to life in Japan: poll
"It may be rather easy to open up Japan to foreign workers."
The eurozone’s Japanification - more to come
"Fair comparison of the two economies."
How Japan turned against its 'bazooka'-wielding central bank chief
"Credit culture might have been too weak. When negative rates had been introduced, bankers compressed spreads at the same time."
Government backpedals on aging report that said elderly couples will need ¥20 million in savings
"Clearly, FSA wanted to encourage people to be long term investors; which is essential to support asset management business growth. Too bad about these political situation."
Japan's factory output rebounds, but retail sales slow as trade war risks grow
Japan Inc. Is Doing Better Than People Realize
Japan gets more than it bargained for with tourist boom
"Goals set by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2016 peg foreign tourist arrivals at 40 million in 2020, and 60 million in 2030."