HC Picks Category: 02 Economy

Household spending rose at a record year-on-year pace before Japan's October tax hike
"The biggest contributor to the record increase was transportation and telecommunication expenditures."
Japan’s Tight Labor Market Edges Down From Peak
"Note that the denominator is the number of people who are looking for jobs. Rate itself does not tell what's going on."
Japan Must Either Open Up To Foreigners Or Face Economic Collapse
Fear of retirement poverty drives Japanese to private pensions
"Fear can cause good catalyst to retail investor behavior."
Japan’s Population Problem Is Straining Its Economy. The World Is Watching for a Solution
"Living in a town or city that provides good medical service, not too far from Tokyo shall make a lot of sence for retirees. "
Culture and Startups in the Land of the Rising Sun
570,000 stores apply for consumption tax reward point program
"Coming soon consumption tax rate raise in Japan and acceleration of cash-less payments."
Japan real wages drop for 7th straight month in July
Making Tokyo more competitive
"A bilingual environment throughout Japan should help a lot."
Japan as No. 1: The 21st-century version
"I would recommend this article to all Japanese workforce."
Deficit Of Women Leaders Is A $750 Billion Problem For Japan
"It is not clear where $750bn came from, but an interesting story."