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Japanese bank predicts years of gloom for tourist hub Osaka
Japan bank lending surges at record pace in May as pandemic-hit firms hoard cash
"This pandemic may burst banking business, but only with a real credit culture and development of bond market."
Japan says economy contracted less than earlier reported
"Japan consumer spending hadn't really been growing in the last 20yrs. In a matured country, maybe more to do with social infrastructure."
Why Japan, Korea won’t ever replace Hong Kong
"Mr. Pesek is right to raise this question. We need to take a chance from this pandemic situation to ease business custom and create an attractive environment."
Japan's cash balance hits new high as central bank pumps money to combat pandemic
Japan's May factory activity reels as pandemic hits output, orders: PMI
Could Coronavirus Help to Modernize the Japanese Economy?
"This is how we need to benefit from this horrible situation."
Coronavirus crisis changing Japan's work culture
"A positive path for higher efficiency."
Abe set to declare coronavirus emergency for Japan
"Hopefully we can go through this unusual situation."
Will the Olympics Go On? Japan’s Businesses Would Like to Know
“At least today, no one should be willing to fly long distances, including media.”
Coronavirus: Global growth ‘could halve’ if outbreak intensifies
"When certain industries may be hit for a while, business consolidation is more essential than providing cheap loans."
Japan cruise operator files for bankruptcy as coronavirus hits demand