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Japan's long-suffering stock market is back. This boom may have 'staying power'
"Considering stability of interest rate, enough corporate liquidity, Japan should have a lot of upside."
Japan's SMFG is first global bank to sell AT1 bonds since C.Suisse wipeout
"Importance of financial stability shall be proven."
Japan Inc. Sells Record Short Bonds Amid BOJ Tightening Bets
"Japan needs a deeper bond market in order to activate retail investments."
Japanese Bank Stocks Slide Most in Three Years on BOJ, SVB Worry
"The possible start of monetary tightening"
Japan's top banks bide time on bonds, with eye on BOJ
Japan’s Monetary Base Stops Rising for First Time Under Kuroda
"Wonder what BOJ is prioritizing. FX exchange rate control should be the most important thing for a country relying on imports."
Equities bounce back while yields, oil prices drop
"Not only Asian markets, but also markets around the world make investors nervous."
Prime Time: Tokyo Stock Exchange’s New Look Goes Into Effect
"Although the restructuring made investors disappointed, we should pay attention in a long term."
How Japan Took on the Bond Vigilantes and Won — For Now
"Does yield curve control under inflation pressure work in a long term?"
Japan Investment Firm Pressured Over ‘Poison Pill’ Defence
"It is important to consider the worst case scenario for each investment activities."