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"La bourse japonaise est mal comprise et regorge de bonnes affaires"
"Thank you for your comment Richard. It is fair to say, Japan is the world third economy, and the bourse has lots of improvement points."
Warren Buffett and the Market That Foreign Money Forgot
"Mr. Buffett's investment decision attracted global attention. Now time for Japan to move forward."
Buffett Going Big in Japan Is All About the Cash
Tokyo seeks to lure financial groups from crisis-hit Hong Kong
"It may be the one last chance for Tokyo to become a truly international city."
Japan Woos Hong Kong Business as Abe Cools to China
Japanese banks gobble up half of Fed dollar funding
Japanese banks own 20% of collateralised loans market - survey
"I believe most of the holdings are AAA rated. If this is an issue, the whole market would be collapsed!"
Foreigners remain net sellers of Japan stocks for 11th straight week
Even Toyota Has to Pay More to Borrow in Japan
"It is obviously hard time, but we should take this opportunity to normalize credit spreads that had been squeezed due to too much competition."
Japan Lenders Tapping Fed Dollars for Clients, Bank Group Says
"Might see more cross boarder M&A activities. Interesting."