HC Picks Category: 05 Policy (BOJ)

Japan to press for greater transparency at domestic VC firms
Japan’s Elusive Goal of “Savings to Investments”
"Kishida administration is trying to encourage domestic VC investments as part of the savings to investments policy."
Japan's Prime Minister Kishida plans an income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks
"The timing of tax cut would be essential to impact household activities."
Japan's Kishida vows measures to cushion blow from rising inflation
"Western medias tend to describe as inflation, but in reality, it is a rise of price, not supported by higher demand."
Japan lifts coupon rate on 10-year government bonds to 0.8%
"Still low but BOJ is gradually trying to normalize to positive rate environment."
Four major Japanese banks to raise housing loan rates in October
"Good news that banks started to normalize spreads and rates."
Japan’s Kishida to Reform Asset Management to Lure Foreign Investors
"Although the statement includes inappropriate points, good news is that Japanese government is seriously considering to shift households assets from bank deposits to direct investments."
The Bank of Japan’s timely tweak
Ueda becomes 1st BOJ governor from academia in postwar Japan
"There is a high expectation to his logical approach."
Japan regional banks can weather foreign bond losses - regulatory official
"Japanese banks are well monitored by JFSA who prioritize banking system stability."
40% of firms want BOJ to scale down monetary easing: survey
”Japan shall not agree to a sudden policy change.”