HC Picks Category: 05 Policy (BOJ)

Fortress mentality threatens to slow the pace of Japanese innovation
"In the end, raising capital is not a key factor. Incentive and supporting policies are keys."
Japan to speed up investment in energy transition
"Policy may drive innovation from old economy."
A $9 Billion Mizuho Fund Sparks Review of ESG Labels in Japan
"Investors need protection from commercialism…"
BOJ's response in focus as Japan's 10-year JGB yields hit two-year high
"BOJ welcomes market correction."
Japan FSA to Ease Rules to Create Int’l Financial Hub
"Details are yet to come, but it is a good timing to set a growth policy."
English-speaking team to help foreign funds
"This is an encouraging move to open up Japan market."
Japan to be carbon neutral by 2050, insists prime minister
"Protecting the earth and environment is extremely important. At the same time, if there is a lack of electricity and telecom supply, the situation may be even worse than COVID-19."
Suga: Tokyo can be global financial hub
"If this comes true, how exciting!"
Japan to offer express lane for funds leaving Hong Kong
"At last. Speed is essential."
Japan replaces financial watchdog chief with eyes on Hong Kong
"Mr. Himino may seriously turn Tokyo to an offshore center."