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Google to buy Japan payment startup for $182 mln-plus -Nikkei
"In Japan, member rankings are Rakuten Pay, PayPay, LINE Pay, dPay (Docomo) then auPAY."
Private Equity Gears Up for the Siege of Japan Inc.
"Private equity should be classified as one of the important social functions in Japan."
Cultured Milk, Corporate Culture and Investor Activism in Japan
"Companies are owned by shareholders. Not the managements. Toshiba is not somebody else's problem!"
Japan FY 2020 cigarette sales dive on shift to vaping amid pandemic
"Looks good for environment, health and non-smokers."
Toshiba management woes seen deepening after strong shareholder rebuke
"Again, Toshiba related article. This is such a representative old Corporate Japan case. If companies learn from this case, and create a real governance structure, investors should come back."
Exclusive: Harvard wasn’t pressured over Toshiba, former Japan adviser says
"Who knows what the truth is. Out of the mouth comes evil…"
Japan’s Toshiba promises to improve corporate governance
"Should keep an eye of this traditional corporate Japan paths."
Tokyu Hotels has unveiled the world’s first hydrogen hotel in Japan
"This is a small initiative by a private company, but you can see things progressing."
7-Eleven parent to cut stake in home goods chain to focus on core
"In this case, the company is trying to focus on core business."
Hitachi plans to invest $2.7bn in health care within three years
"This company is trying to diversify its business."