HC Picks Category: 01 Business

Japan's megabanks prepare for monetary policy shift with higher deposits
"While it is unclear when BOJ shall end the negative interest rates policy, megabanks are being prepared for."
Blackstone set to acquire majority stake in Japan’s Sony Payment Services
"Should be part of SONY's selection and concentration to their core business."
Japan's Nippon Steel to acquire U.S. Steel for $14.9 billion
US Steel to be acquired by Japan's Nippon Steel for nearly $15 billion, companies announce
"Another big activity. Corporate Japan are actively looking to expand businesses. Shall see more to come."
JERA, NYK Line and Resonac launch joint study on supplying fuel ammonia to ships
"Move towards green environment."
Japan’s MUFG to Buy Australia’s Link in $744 Million Deal
"Wish to expect integration of high quality administration services."
Nippon Life to buy nursing care provider parent Nichii for $1.4bn
"Could had been a bit late, but consolidation with actual services, not only to provide money, is required amongst financial institutions."
Japanese bank chief Jun Ohta dies aged 65
"May his soul rest in peace, and expect further expansion of SMFG services."
Japan to exit COVID-era bank guidelines for borrower aid
Kokusai Electric shares jump 28% in Tokyo debut
"Good move for Japanese private equity to be classified as an important player in industry consolidations."
KKR-backed Kokusai Electric's IPO becomes Japan's largest in five years
"This may be a catalyst for Japanese market."
MUFG earned double its $9bn Morgan Stanley rescue investment
"This relationship might have last for longer than expected. There is a strong tie in Japan."