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SoftBank Founder Calls His Judgment ‘Really Bad’ After $4.7 Billion WeWork Loss
"It was quite an impressive honest presentation. Watch how Mr. Son turnarounds the situation. "
Earning Results for the Six Months Ended September 30, 2019 Investor Briefing
SoftBank: blind spots threaten Masayoshi Son’s $100bn Vision
"Quite a thorough analysis of the fund."
SoftBank could have just walked away from WeWork and its $9 billion investment. Business experts explain why it didn't.
"Quite a thorough analysis focusing on Softbank dilemma."
BOJ warns of rising financial vulnerability as banks hunt for yields
"Not exactly sure what BOJ is worried about."
WeWork’s Failure is SoftBank’s Day Of Reckoning
Japan's Taiju Life to shift away from FX-hedged foreign bonds
"Taiju Life, former Mitsui Life, is the root of our CEO, Mr. Morimoto."
Japan's first zero-rate corporate bond on the way from Toyota unit
"Zero may be better than negative, but how would bond issuance cost be justified?"
Japan's largest bank MUFG set to cut workforce in Singapore and Hong Kong
"MUFG had shown higher focus to leasing business vs trading business."
SoftBank is pushing WeWork to postpone its contentious IPO
Japanese Banks Are Circling the Drain
"FSA commissioner Mr. Endo is encouraging regional banks to consider sustainable business plan in this environment. Which means, regional banks had not done enything for the last decades."