HC Picks Category: 01 Business

KKR, SBI to set up fund to tap into Japan's wealthy individuals
"Look to be creating a distribution platform."
NEC acquires fintech company to help employees build assets
"Why NEC had to acquire the company? A strategic alliance should have been enough…"
AB Capital Hires EQT Exeter’s Kusumine Enami to Lead Japan Office
"It is good for individuals to find good position, but how managers can sustain its' investment philosophy?"
Exclusive: SoftBank in talks to buy Vision Fund's 25% stake in Arm -sources
"Since Softbank regards VF investment companies to be Softbank investment companies, there is a conflict of interests. Valuation is extremely sensitive."
Ex-Mizuho VP Sues Bank Alleging Bias Against Non-Japanese Staff
"This is kind of a shame that hadn't changed in the past 20 years… Not common amongst corporate Japan, but can be seen in traditional companies."
Japan investor group to launch $14bn Toshiba takeover bid Tuesday
"At last, the deal looks to complete. It took so long, shall see how JIP can add value to the company."
MSCI names special adviser to CEO
Japan steps into chip supply chain with $6.4bn JSR deal
"Government lead business consolidation is fine, but again at a premium?"
Japan's Mizuho expands in US banking with $550 mln Greenhill deal
"Japanese firms are getting acquisitive. Hopefully, purchase price and business plan are well considered."
SoftBank Sells Fortress Investment Group
"Softbank is raising liquidity, and Fortress main business is shown to be Credit."