HC Picks Category: 04 Governance / Stewardship / Fiduciary

Activist Overseas Investors Win Landmark Vote in Japan
"Could be a promising step to listen to shareholders requests. "
Toshiba showdown could be a turning point for Japan Inc’s fortunes
"This is quite an interesting situation. Let's see how the managements will react to this situation. Hope they gain trust from investors."
Former Japan GPIF investment chief intervened in Toshiba AGM
"These activities may pressure company managements, but it is not clear what Mr. Mizuno was looking for. He is no more representing GPIF, a huge passive investor."
Japan is loosening corporate governance constraints
Elliott Push at SoftBank Reflects Rise of Shareholder Activism in Japan
"Executives can listen to both boards and shareholders."
Japan telecom SoftBank Corp CEO sees Elliott investment as 'positive'
Elliott Management Builds More Than $2.5 Billion Stake in SoftBank
"This is interesting. Let's see how Elliot adds value to Softbank."
Japan, Land of the Rising Shareholders
How Japan Inc became a target for activist investors
"Hopefully these activism would highlight how listed companies are expected to perform social responsibilities."
Blackstone Boosts Bid in Battle with Lone Star, Fortress for Japanese Hotelier
"I wonder why existing shareholders do not sell off such a badly managed company. Looks like the existing boards are only interested in securing their positions."
Blackstone raises Unizo offer to $1.75 billion, topping rival
"This look to be a real governance issue. Unizo shouldn't spend too much time before clarifying future business plan."
Carlos Ghosn and Fairness in Japan’s Legal System
"We understand there was an argument between the two parties about disclosing unpaid remuneration."