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'Japan is waking up' on corporate governance, Dalton co-founder says
"James Rosenwald had been investing in Japan for over 50 years."
Kishida Says Wage Gains Most Important Part of ‘New Capitalism’
"If bigger paychecks eventually trigger normalization at the central bank, it could jolt investors across the globe."
ESG-friendly investment funds may not be so kind to investors
"It is clear that retail investors trust distributors."
Cultured Milk, Corporate Culture and Investor Activism in Japan
"Companies are owned by shareholders. Not the managements. Toshiba is not somebody else's problem!"
Toshiba management woes seen deepening after strong shareholder rebuke
"Again, Toshiba related article. This is such a representative old Corporate Japan case. If companies learn from this case, and create a real governance structure, investors should come back."
Exclusive: Harvard wasn’t pressured over Toshiba, former Japan adviser says
"Who knows what the truth is. Out of the mouth comes evil…"
Japan’s Toshiba promises to improve corporate governance
"Should keep an eye of this traditional corporate Japan paths."
Four directors call for Toshiba shake-up in revolt after explosive probe
"Oh la la…"
Activist Overseas Investors Win Landmark Vote in Japan
"Could be a promising step to listen to shareholders requests. "
Toshiba showdown could be a turning point for Japan Inc’s fortunes
"This is quite an interesting situation. Let's see how the managements will react to this situation. Hope they gain trust from investors."