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Locals in Japan Capture the Country's Most Beautiful Attractions Without the Crowds - See the Photos
Japan’s Kyoto cherry blossoms peak on earliest date in 1,200 years, a sign of climate change
"Reminding of potential climate change with cherry blossoms is unique, but can be true. A watch."
Hadaka Matsuri: Japan's famed Naked Festival canceled for all but a select few
"This year's Hadaka Matsuri event, which took place on February 20, was limited to only a select, socially distanced group of 100 or so men who had caught the shingi in past years, and was closed to spectators."
kengo kuma renovates 'ginzan onsen fujiya', an 100-year-old hot spring hotel in japan
"Beautiful renovation, isn't it? It is located in Yamagata prefecture, about an hour north to Yamagata Station."
How Japan’s ‘mitsu’ was changed by Covid
”Interesting observation on cultural aspects.”
Dissecting Japan's hit products of 2020
"Looks like Japanese consumers are enjoying a peaceful year."
Viral hit: 'Sanmitsu' — the 'Three Cs' — declared Japan's buzzword of 2020
"This is a reflection of Japan 2020."
Japan Faces Worst Wild Bear Attacks in Five Years During Virus
Crate of oranges sells for $9,600 in Japan
"Have a break."
MUJI's earthquake-resistant 'plain house' is open for visitors in yamaguchi, japan
"This is truly simple."