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How Japan can truly reinvent itself as a global financial hub
"This is quite an extreme opinion, but might be interesting to read."
Japan’s Bond Dependency Ratio Rises to 64.1%
"Only available backed by ample savings."
These Are the Winners and Losers in Japan’s 2020 Stock Market
"A summary of Japanese stock market"
Wall Street’s prediction of ¥100 to the dollar catching on at Japan banks
"Who is willing to make big bets? Every country is announcing big budgets."
BOJ Becomes Biggest Japan Stock Owner With $434 Billion Hoard
"The only way to reduce BOJ holdings should be to shift retail bank deposits to equity investments. How long this may take!"
A 1% bond in Japan is world’s lowest-coupon junk note in 2020
"Junk is too strong but yes, this is a HY bond."
Takeaways from 30 years of covering the Japanese market
"May be true!"
World Stocks Rebalancing Possible
Tokyo bourse compiles system failure report for financial watchdog
"La bourse japonaise est mal comprise et regorge de bonnes affaires"
"Thank you for your comment Richard. It is fair to say, Japan is the world third economy, and the bourse has lots of improvement points."
Warren Buffett and the Market That Foreign Money Forgot
"Mr. Buffett's investment decision attracted global attention. Now time for Japan to move forward."