HC Picks Category: 05 Policy (BOJ)

Bank of Japan to maintain easing, watch impact of global tightening: chief
"At least BOJ is prioritizing stability which is favorable for residents."
BOJ conducts emergency bond buying to underpin debt market, but yields keep rising
"Although good or bad, Japan may be the only country to stick to its policies based on domestic situation."
Japan inflation could pile pressure on yen, BOJ
"It is not clear how BOJ is trying to handle current situation."
Japan must prepare for eventual end to BOJ's yield cap, says MOF executive
"This is an announcement for the new era, but yet to know when this happens."
Bank of Japan’s Assets Drop for 2nd Month in a Row
"Good summary of BOJ assets."
Japan Inc. Disagrees With BOJ's View Cost-Push Inflation Will Be Temporary
"Although a difficult environment, we will see where the economy heads to."
BOJ's public relations crisis forces rethink on inflation message
Japan Faces Its Moment of Truth on Inflation
"Agree that the battle between the market and central bank isn’t over in Japan yet."
Sharp yen falls negative for Japan economy: BOJ chief Kuroda
Why Japan’s Yen Is the Weakest in 20 Years and What That Means