HC Picks Category: 05 Policy (BOJ)

Japan's BTMU bank mulls fee hike for big clients amid negative interest rates
It is our regulator's policy to ensure sustainable profitability of Japanese financial institutions.
Taking the bite out of Japan's financial watchdog
Very proactive approach to be part of market growth and innovations. Most picked are news are about governance and potential improvements.
Japan PM Abe: We count on Saudi Arabia to play crucial role in the region
Positive view on Japan may help this country grow roles in the Gulf region.
Japan PM Abe: We count on Saudi Arabia to play crucial role in the region
Copnfirming free trade environment is key to sustainable world economy. Japan to lead?
Japan FSA to undergo first reshuffle in two decades under new proposal: sources
Regulator leading improvements of Japanese financial industry.
Bank of Japan keeps monetary policy unchanged
METI chief Seko to visit U.S. for talks with Commerce counterpart Ross
BOJ faces call to release handbrake, let longer yields rise
Facing hard decision making
Japan’s financial regulation shake-up seen as a game changer for banks
Not necessaryly a new direction. For the past 4 years, regulators were tellling the same stories, now accelerating.
BOJ policymaker warns current monetary policy may hurt economy