HC Picks Category: 05 Policy (BOJ)

Chief economist update: The BOJ needs to run faster to stay in the running
Bank of Japan keeps monetary policy on hold
Japan has its own form of populism and we can learn from it
"Totally agreed opinion. Higher productivity and asset recycling are essential."
Economist expects limited impact from Japan's October tax hike
"It is important to provide lending options to the younger generations who have to spend. Elder people spending may fall further."
Japan's regulators boost scrutiny of financial firms' foreign assets
Dissenting voice on BOJ board calls for preemptive monetary easing
BOJ policymaker warns about the dangers of more easing, hinting at rift on board
Japan's negative interest rates may have backfired: Fed paper
"Why would households spend more money when they cannot even expect fair interest income."
Japan's regulatory chief urges BOJ to consider impact of easing on banks
"Flat yield-curve means zero time- value, means no more need for banking service !?"
In wake of uproar over pension system, Japan to draw up fresh report on post-retirement financing
"The intention of the report was to tell people an extra 20m yen will make peoples' life richer. It was strange for opposition parties to regard this as a political issue."
The Bank of Japan risks falling out of sync on global easing
"Households are worried about VAT increase in a zero interest rate environment. Further stimulus look to have no impact."