HC Picks 219

June 12, 2019
by Akane Hashimoto

Category :  [ BUSINESS ] [ ECONOMY ]

-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-



・Global mutual fund operators zero in on Japan’s trove of cash

 ″Currently, new launches are equity funds, as it is easier to cope with Japanese Investment trust Association rules. Hope this trend leads to better rule on bond/loan funds.″

・Japan, France agree on aircraft parts partnership

 ″Air business is very important for Japan.″

・UBS looks to Sumitomo Mitsui tie-up to crack Japanese wealth

 ″This is quite a pre-announcement. They targeting to establish the new company in 2020. ″

・Aircraft lessor SMBC faces delivery delay of 30 Boeing 737 Max planes




・Government backpedals on aging report that said elderly couples will need ¥20 million in savings

 ″Clearly, FSA wanted to encourage people to be long term investors; which is essential to support asset management business growth. Too bad about these political situation.″