HC Picks 292

December 9, 2020
by Akane Hashimoto

Period : December 2, 2020 – December 7, 2020

Category : [Market][Business]

-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● BOJ Becomes Biggest Japan Stock Owner With $434 Billion Hoard

 > “The only way to reduce BOJ holdings should be to shift retail bank deposits to equity investments. How long this may take!”

● A 1% bond in Japan is world’s lowest-coupon junk note in 2020

 > “Junk is too strong but yes, this is a HY bond.”


● SPARX Group establishes the Japan Monozukuri Mirai Fund

 > “If banks can lead industry growth, it is going to be the start of a new financial business model.”

● Japan’s Dentsu to book $842 million in restructuring costs of overseas business

 > “Good opportunity to review business line and focus on core businesses.”

● Japan’s umbrella credit union extends reach into Singapore

 > “Good development. Might help both Asian companies and Japanese depositors.”