HC Picks 317

July 1, 2021
by Akane Hashimoto

Period : June 26, 2021 – June 28, 2021

Category : [Business] [Governance/Stewardship/Fiduciary] [Other]

-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● Cultured Milk, Corporate Culture and Investor Activism in Japan

 > “Companies are owned by shareholders. Not the managements. Toshiba is not somebody else’s problem!”

● Toshiba management woes seen deepening after strong shareholder rebuke

 > “Again, Toshiba related article. This is such a representative old Corporate Japan case. If companies learn from this case, and create a real governance structure, investors should come back.”



● Japan FY 2020 cigarette sales dive on shift to vaping amid pandemic

 > “Looks good for environment, health and non-smokers.”


● JR Kyushu launches luxury electric train in southern Japan

 > “A very private, distanced, luxurious environment. People should feel safe about traveling.”

● The seasons and spirit of Japan

 > “This photo had probably been taken in March or April. It is a beautiful place.”