HC Picks 347

April 6, 2022
by Investment and Research Team

Period : March 29, 2022 – April 4, 2022

Category : [Market] [Business] [GPIF]

Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● Prime Time: Tokyo Stock Exchange’s New Look Goes Into Effect

 > “Although the restructuring made investors disappointed, we should pay attention in a long term.”

● How Japan Took on the Bond Vigilantes and Won — For Now

 > “Does yield curve control under inflation pressure work in a long term?”


● SoftBank liquidates most of portfolio at ‘Nasdaq whale’ trading unit

 > “It is an enormously big company, big bets, but Mr. Son would never give up.”

● SoftBank to slow investments following crash in tech holdings

 > “Cash management is always key for all kinds of businesses.”


● Eiji Ueda Reappointed as CIO of GPIF