HC Picks 356

June 15, 2022
by Investment and Research Team

Period : June 7, 2022 – June 13, 2022

Category : [Business] [Policy (BOJ)]

Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● Top Toyota Supplier Denso Mulls $3 Billion Chip Unit Spinoff

 > “Semiconductor industry is an important industry nowadays. Whether they will split or not, I hope Desno leads Japan’s semiconductor industry.”

● Toshiba’s CEO Says Staying Public Is Still an Option as PE Firms Circle

 > “Toshiba’s case is a representative traditional corporate Japan issue. Due to historical growth especially in the 70s, the company might again need to build innovative culture, entrepreneurial mindset under strong corporate governance.”


● Japan to tap vast pension fund in drive to create more start-ups

 > “Although government support is necessary to boost investments, investment decisions need to be uncontrolled.”


● Sharp yen falls negative for Japan economy: BOJ chief Kuroda

● Why Japan’s Yen Is the Weakest in 20 Years and What That Means

● Yen Hits 20-Year Low, Fueling Price Rises and Apology

> “In case corporate Japan might not increase price, profitability would shrink, and people will suffer. BOJ needs to navigate this difficult time. Price and wage increase, interest rate hike, needs to happen at the same time.”

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