HC Picks 377

April 19, 2023
by Investment and Research Team

Period : April 11, 2023 – April 17, 2023

Category : [Business]

-Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities-

● SoftBank moves to sell down most of its Alibaba stake

 > “Softbank always takes dynamic liquidity management.”

● Warren Buffett’s Japan Bet Is Paying Off Big

● Warren Buffett: why he bought 5 Japanese trading houses – CNBC

 > “Generally, western investors avoid trading houses due to conglomerate discount, but Mr. Buffet might have found upside potential.”


● Elliott and other activists shake corporate Japan into action on investor returns

 > “Proposals shall work as long as activists do not look for short term gain that may damage long term corporate profitability.”

● Goldman Sachs to start offering transaction banking services in Japan

 > “While Japanese banks are looking to expand to new services, it is quite surprising why GS wish to expand to transaction banking services.”