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January 14, 2015
by Investment in Japan

Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities

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Moody’s: 2015 outlook stable for Japanese banks; differentiation may increase

ING IM names new Japan CEO

T-Gaia Corporation 3738 TSE 1st Section Industry’s Top Share as a Primary Mobile Phone Distributor

Nomura continues to bulk up Asia wealth division

Tokyo Gas plans 1st offshore gas pipeline

Higher Sales Tax Still Weighs on Japan Retailers

Texas plans to emulate Japan’s bullet trains for 90 minute route from Houston to Dallas

World’s Largest Indoor Farm is 100 Times More Productive



Foreign governments focused on details of Abe’s war-anniversary statement

Japan’s government says doesn’t expect BOJ to meet price target due to falling oil

Japan will use sales tax hike revenue to expand welfare spending

Delivering on the promise of ‘Abenomics’



Biggest Pension Fund Raises Pay for Top Executive

Trust banks’ 2014 net purchases of Japan stocks most in 6 years



Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) Chairman Sakakibara’s Statements and Comments at His Press Conference (January 6, 2015) * The Japanese economy

Japan’s birth rate problem is way worse than anyone imagined

Abenomics and Japan’s Economic Crisis

Global Watch:December 2014 “Japanese Economy” (murc)

Japan eyes 1.5% real GDP growth in fiscal 2015

Japanese People Feel Their Lives Are Worse Off

Weak yen last straw for small Japanese firms

Japan Reins in Spending in Extra Budget

Japan on course to meet deficit goal

OECD Indicators Point to Slowdown in Europe, Pickup in Japan and India

Japan Raises Long-Term Growth View

Japan’s 2014-In-Review

Japan: Where Is It Headed Now?

Japan puts secular stagnation thesis to the test

Japan’s economy may grow in FY 2015 amid falling oil prices: gov’t



JGB yield touches new low

Shorts in Tokyo Soars to Record on Abenomics Skepticism

The new era of equity governance in Japan

Japan’s Return-on-Equity Revolution

Japan Joins Germany With Five-Year Government Yield Evaporating