J-REIT: NIPPON REIT’s announcement

February 20, 2019
by Investment in Japan


>NIPPON REIT’s announcement①

NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation (“NIPPON REIT”) announces that Sojitz REIT Advisors K.K. (“SRA”), which is entrusted to manage the assets of NIPPON REIT, today decided on the following transfer and acquisition of assets (respectively the “Transfer” and the “Acquisition”, and collecticely the “Transactions”). Futhermore, SRA decided cancellation of lease and leasing of asset related to the Transactions as well. The tenants of the properties to be acquired comply with the tenant screening criteria described in the Report on the Management Structure and System of the Issuer of Real Estate Investment Trust Units and Related Parties dated September 28, 2018.


>NIPPON REIT’s announcement②

Supplementary Material Regarding “Transfer and Acquisition of Assets”


>NIPPON REIT’s announcement③

NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation announces that it has decided on the following borrowing of funds.