Private Equity in Japan : INCJ’s announcement

December 26, 2018
by Investment in Japan

Private Equity in Japan

>INCJ’s announcement①

Tokyo, December 25, 2018 — INCJ Ltd. (‘INCJ’), Maxell Holdings, Ltd. (‘Maxell’) and Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. (‘Hitachi Automotive Systems’) have concluded Basic Agreement and Share Purchase Agreement for investment in Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd. (‘Hitachi Vehicle Energy’), a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for automobile.


>INCJ’s announcement②

Tokyo, December 25, 2018 – INCJ Ltd. (“INCJ”) announced today its decision to make a second, follow-on investment in NapaJen Pharma, Inc. (“NapaJen Pharma”), a bio-venture aiming to develop systemic nucleic-acid drugs. INCJ will make this follow-on investment of up to $12 million through a third-party share allocation to provide the necessary funding for the development of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the investors in this round of financing include existing investor Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc. and new investor P&E DIRECTIONS, INC.